Austin Lockwood

Austin loved being outdoors.  He and his best friend, who happens to be his brother, would play outside from sun up to sun down.  They would bike, rollerblade, play ball, go fishing, RipStiking and spend time at the pool.  His energy was endless!  

When Austin was a little boy, there was a big park across from his house.  The park put up an ice rink each winter.  He would skate for hours and even be part of pick-up games with bigger boys.  When he finally got to skate as part of a team, he was so happy and so proud.  His smile never left when he was playing.  Austin was not big, but played the game with all heart.  

It seemed that Austin was pretty good at a lot of sports.  He participated on many teams.  He was on a baseball team, swim team, diving team, water polo, golf and of course hockey team. 

Austin is best known for his kindness.  He would drop everything to help a friend, neighbor or stranger in need.  The quote, “Good deeds should be done with intention, not for attention”, fits Austin perfectly. He made hard tasks fun.  Whatever work or project he was working on, his great attitude, smile and sense of humor made it enjoyable.  Austin enjoyed working at his church’s food pantry, working with the Special Olympics and Buddy Ball. nonprofit scholarships 501c3